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Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming.

For Users

For Administrators

For Hosters

  • Free software - no licensing hassle or cost
  • Automatable administration through Ice middleware
  • Low resource cost for hosting
  • Very stable server software
  • Free choice of server software
  • Custom webinterfaces for users through Ice
  • Provide users with channel viewer data (CVP) without giving control away
    • Or empower the users by providing the Ice interface

Get Mumble

Get Involved

News & Blog

  • 2014-04-10 Mumble and Heartbleed
    Most of the Mumble project’s communication this week regarding the Heartbleed vulnerability has happened via IRC. This blog post attempts to fix that by providing answers to the most frequently asked questions here on our blog. If you’re reading this … Continue reading
  • 2014-03-12 Mumble for iOS 1.3.0
    The Mumble team has released version 1.3.0 of the iOS Mumble client. This new version contains a fix for the iOS 7.1 issue we recently blogged about. It is also the first release to use the iOS 7 look and … Continue reading



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